# Product updates

We will constantly make changes to our product. You can see our highlights below

# May 2020

  • Fixed an issue where the application asks for a license code even when it is valid (v3.1.207)
  • Added device info and Motiview version number to the about screen (v3.1.206)

# April 2020

  • Fixed an issue where the application did crash when running Motiview on external SD cards (v3.1.205)
  • Disable "download 20" when any downloads are in progress (v3.1.205)
  • Improved error reporting from the application (v3.1.204)

# March 2020

  • Scaling of HomeViewModel on Surface / high DPI devices improved (v3.1.202)
  • Reduced the startup time of the application (v3.1.202)

# November 2019

  • Fix problem with incorrect country filter options (v3.1.196)

# September 2019

  • Automatically free at least 15% of disk during startup to prevent the system getting out of free space (v3.1.195)
Last Updated: 5/27/2020, 8:12:22 AM