# Troubleshooting

# I have a bad internet connection

Don’t worry. Our product works fine without the internet, and videos are downloaded locally on the device. But downloading videos can take some time if the internet connection is slow. Try connecting the computer to a network with a better internet connection to download a set of videos, and you can continue to enjoy the videos without the internet.

# The application have started asking for the license code

If the computer is offline (without internet connection) for a long time, the license code will expire. To fix this problem, connect the computer to the internet, and add the license code. If the license code hasn't expired, it should now validate.

# My computer is slow

The application has a mechanism to ensure that the computer always will have enough free disk space available for Windows’ system tasks. But over time, the hard drive will fill up with temporary files, windows updates, downloaded movies and other stuff that the application doesn’t control. Often, it will help to install windows updates, reboot the computer and delete old temporary files. If that doesn’t help, please contact your IT department. The computer can be broken/outdated.

# My computer seem to be connected to a network, but I cannot download new videos

Your IT department might have blocked internet access to the Motiview application in their firewall. To be able to solve this, you can send the following information to your IT department:

The Motiview application is a Microsoft Store application, and will need network communication with the following domains on port 443 and 80 to function:

  • api.motiview.com
  • auth.motiview.com
  • cdn.motiview.no
  • motitech.no
  • motiview.core.windows.net
  • motiview.blob.core.windows.net
  • www.motiview.no

If this doesn’t help, please let us know.

Last Updated: 4/3/2020, 9:59:28 AM