# Technical requirements

Minimum Recommended
Touch capabilities1 - Yes
System memory 4 GB 8 GB or greater
Hard drive 128 GB 256 GB or greater
Operating system Windows 10 Home / Pro
External monitor output HDMI, DisplayPort or similar

1. Motiview is designed for touch devices, but will work on any Windows 10 based laptop without this capability.

# Network requirements

The Motiview application is a Microsoft Store application, and needs internet access to download new videos and to stay updated. If your IT department has blocked port 80/443 in general, they can allow the communication with the following domains only;

  • api.motiview.com
  • auth.motiview.com
  • cdn.motiview.no
  • motitech.no
  • motiview.core.windows.net
  • motiview.blob.core.windows.net
  • www.motiview.no
Last Updated: 4/15/2020, 11:25:06 PM